Engagement and Disclosure


The Castle Wealth process is uniquely focused on the human element of money. You express your values every day in the choices you make with your money. Every day you face challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to provide a process for analysis, a way to reflect and gain perspective and where applicable to add a bit of philosophy to help guide you on your path to multi generational wealth.

What you will get from us:

  • In depth discussion designed to pull from you the real problems you face and the outcomes you would like to see for yourself and your loved ones. Lifestyle by design + wealth building + education for informed decision making.
  • An in depth analysis covering all aspects of your current financial position.
  • A comparative analysis showing possible solutions and outcomes based on our years of experience.
  • Where applicable referrals to trusted advisors such as lawyers, accountants, mortgage and debt specialists and investment specialists to help implement advice given.
  • A monitoring process. We will, at your discretion, walk your journey with you.

Assumptions matter. When developing projections, we will review our assumptions with you and our reasoning for those beliefs. You must invest the time and energy to understand these important factors. You will be required to acknowledge agreement and understanding or to request amendments to our assumptions. It is your life, not ours. The analysis is step one. Actual results may vary to a material degree due to external factors beyond the scope and control of the analysis.

Results are best derived by adherence to the process of review and revision. We are not responsible for your actions. We simply serve as a mirror and guidance. It is your responsibility to work collaboratively with us in order to see the best results possible from the process. This is NOT a onetime event to cure all ails. Our process does not constitute specific advice in the areas of legal, accounting or tax. It is your responsibility to consult with the appropriate professionals in those areas either independently or in conjunction with your Castle Wealth team and preferred providers.

Open dialogue is essential. All information shared is private and confidential. If we do not know that a life event is imminently planned in your world, we cannot advise you accordingly to avoid pitfalls or take advantage of an opportunity that we may see in the details.

Inclusion is important. While there is typically a main decision maker within families, we strongly encourage sharing your plan and involving your loved ones. Shared knowledge ultimately prevents the further erosion of family relations and supports the positive outcome of legacy wealth from generation to generation.

Use of the term Planner and Financial Planning

We are not Financial Planners per the Certified Financial Planning credentials nor do we adhere to the Financial Planning Standards Council. Our process is unique to Castle Wealth and its primary focus is wealth accumulation and lifestyle planning, NOT traditional retirement planning.

Platform and Fees

To begin the process we require a $500 non refundable deposit. Through our secure portal you will be asked to upload actual statements of your various financial data such as investment statements, mortgage reports etc. We will guide you through this discovery process. Upon completion of our analysis of your current position and comparative reports we will book time to review with you in detail. The balance of $2500 will be charged only upon your satisfaction that value has been delivered for a total initial fee of $3000. Our fee is subject to change depending on the scope of the analysis and advice to be delivered and is based on our experience working with the average dual income home owner/household.

Should you wish to retain us and engage in an ongoing relationship we will require that you move core assets such as RRSP’s, TFSA’s to our preferred PM or Portfolio Manager. It is our experience that conflicting advice from other financial services providers is designed to sour relationships and will not result in productive gains. Additionally the nature of our advice often ties in very closely with asset management by it’s very nature. Large accounts are negotiable. Fees for investment management and ongoing advice start at 1.95% all inclusive and encompass a range of additional services at no extra charge. These services will require further disclosure when needed.

We Stand Beside You.

Your Success is Our Success. Let us open the right path that will lead you to Wealth and Prosperity.