Joe Quach

Lead Advisor and Director of Consumer Relations

Joe has a keen talent of developing individuals to become high-achieving professionals in the area of sales, management, and customer service. His previous role, as Director of Sales for a nationally known wireless communications organization, provides an expansive bank of wisdom that empowers both Castle Wealth Services advisors and their clients. He understands your needs and your desire to have the best people behind your financial legacy. Joe believes in the importance of motivated advisors who thrive on discovering the best strategies for investment opportunities.

Stuart Driedger

Lead Advisor and Director of Platform Innovations

Stuart is one of Canada’s most focused and skillful financial professionals who aims to provide clients the best service possible. His career transitioned from the big banking institutions to become a leader in the independent financial services field for over 7 years. He understands that Castle Wealth Services Financial Advisors have an important fiduciary responsibility to put the client’s needs before their own. Stuart also recognizes that having the right tools and platforms to efficiently assess and track each client’s accounts, can gives their clients the edge when it comes to successfully meeting financial goals and targets.

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