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There is broad recognition that the general public is lost when it comes to realizing opportunities to expand their financial wealth in the current world economy. We give our clients solid strategies based on the wisdom and experience of our top advocates.

Our professionals thrive on breaking down barriers to wealth building.

We are continually innovating our resources and platforms to significantly impact the growth of the accounts of our clients and to ultimately create abundant change throughout the world.

It all starts by answering the questions most important to YOU!


This is probably the question we spend the most time on and revisit every year for our clients.  At Castle Wealth Services we answer this question with our financial planning software.  We will take all the assets, pensions and savings habits of our clients and create a model showing what our clients will have at retirement based on what they’re doing now.  Using that as a base, we then apply our recommendations or changes, and model out what happens if they follow our advice.  Annually we review these plans with our clients to make sure there are no surprises and they’re on track!

Using our financial planning software we can take any portfolio and model out how it will change over the years.  RRSP or TFSA?  It doesn’t matter, our powerful software will take all taxation rules into account.

Typically the answer is “take on more risk”, but that is not always the case.  We will spend time understanding your goals and working with our portfolio manager to make sure your investment return is maximized.


It can be, and if it is, we’ll let you know!  Insurance is your choice, we’ll do our part by educating you on what you have and what your options are.  When we look at work plans there are often two common problem: is there an option to keep it if you leave and is there coverage for disabilities and critical illnesses like cancer.  In our experience, most group plans don’t cover major illnesses like cancer, heart attack and stroke.

Most group plans don’t cover major illnesses like Cancer, Heart Attacks and Strokes.  These fall under a separate insurance contract from disability called “Critical Illness”.  Most insurance companies have multiple Critical Illness options covering 3 or 4 major illnesses or comprehensive plans covering 20+ illnesses.

Sometimes, yes.  The problem with taking insurance with your bank, loan or mortgage, is that there is no underwriting.  Meaning, they wait until you make a claim, (even if you’ve been paying for many years), then they decide if you’re eligible for insurance after the fact.  This is why we always recommend getting a stand alone insurance policy directly with an insurance company.  Not only do you gain the certainty that you’re insured, but often the price is cheaper for better protection and coverage.


Unlike a bank that has one rate for everyone, we collect all the details from you including goals, loan amount, credit history, then go shopping for the best rate.  Want the best case?  Go to: https://www.truenorthmortgage.ca/rates.

Mortgage lenders just look at your cash flow to determine your maximum mortgage amount.  The better your credit rating is, the more cashflow they are willing to let you use to buy a house.  Typically they will let you use 32%-39% of your gross income to cover heat, property tax and the mortgage, but there are exceptions to this rule.

More often then not, variable.  When you can get a good discount off prime (~1%), you are almost always going to pay less interest over a 5 year term than someone who takes the fixed 5 year rate at the same time.  Also, most mortgages are broken before the 5 year term is up, a fixed rate will leave you with a BIG penalty where a variable rate will only cost you 3 months interest.


Yes, through insurance contracts we can setup the cash in your estate to bypass probate and be paid directly to your chosen beneficiary.  On top of that, there are many investment options from GIC like products to pure equities if you don’t want to give up on the potential of being invested in the stock markets.

Through insurance contracts we can setup multiple accounts that will bypass the cost of probate and allow the funds to flow directly to your kids and grand kids after you pass.  The money would not flow through your estate and it would be one less item for your executor to look after.

Yes.  There are actually advanced estate planning techniques that we can look at implementing that allow you to give your whole estate value to both charity and your family.

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